About Us

We have been operating in the market since 2004, and since then, we have built a portfolio valued at over 1 billion EUR. We cooperate with private investors as well as the largest institutions in the industry, such as Amundi, Tristan Capital, Shinhan, Hana groups, and others.

Our main goal is to achieve the best results, but profit is not our sole focus. We also aim to create environment where living and working are pleasant, and that have minimal impact on the nature.

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Our leaders

Sebastien Dejanovski
Sebastien Dejanovski
New Business

Sebastien is a well known and respected figure in the industry, having worked with large international corporations such as GE Real Estate and AFI Group. He is skilled in identification, negotiation and structuring acquisitions of investments and developments. He has a flexible, professional approach, with attention to quality and detail.

Radim Bajgar
Radim Bajgar
New Business

Radim has strong partner and investment relations, which are vital element of the success of Mint Group. Having worked with Deutsche Bank in London and ING Barings, he thrives on creating, negotiating and structuring the most complex real estate deals. He is prudent in his attitude with a strong awareness of the balance between risk and reward.

Lukáš Schirl
Lukáš Schirl
Asset Management

Lukaš is experienced in managing and developing assets in Central Europe across various market segments. In his time as Managing Director of JLL Czech Republic and Slovakia he was involved in some of the largest leasing and investment transactions in the region. Well respected by tenants, he is a true relationship-builder.

Vojtěch Kraus
Vojtěch Kraus
Legal and finance

Vojtěch brings experience from working with ING Barings and HSBC in London, where he advised blue chip institutional investors in CEE countries. He is particular skilled at structuring financial deals and is an astute analyst, seeing both the big picture and the detail of transactions. At Mint Investments he controls all financial undertakings and structuring of deals.

Katarína Lindbergh
Katarína Lindbergh
Leasing and property management

Katarína is a Slovak national and her local knowledge has been pivotal in the success Mint’s investments and activities in Slovakia, where she manages all of the Group’s assets. With a career that includes Deutsche Bank and Erste Bank in Vienna and London, she is
a highly experienced leasing and property manager.


Jaroslav Mida
Head of Investments
Jaro has been with Mint since 2014, initially starting while studying, and gradually worked his way up to become the Head of Investments. He is responsible for leading the investment team, transactional work, development, and securing bank financing. During his tenure, he has led transactions worth over EUR 1 billion.
Erik Janovský
Investment Manager
Erik is an Investment Manager at Mint Investments. He is responsible for acquisitions and the day-to-day operations of the MINT Residential Fund. He gained experience in transactions through his work at the international advisory firm PwC and the private equity company Axes Capital. He joined Mint at the beginning of 2020.
Milan Korbelář
Head of Asset Management
Milan has been active in the real estate market since 2004, when he joined the office space leasing department at King Sturge. In 2007, he assumed the position of head of the industrial space leasing department, a role he continued after the merger with JLL in 2011. Since September 2014, he has been with Mint as a Head of Asset Management, primarily responsible for office building leasing across the entire portfolio.
Michal Kubišta
Head of Property Management
Michal has been working in various positions within the real estate industry for nearly 20 years. He specializes in property management. He has been leading the property management department for over 10 years, with key clients including companies such as Amundi, AFI Group, Generali, and Avestus, among others.
Michal Křovák
Head of Project Management
The Head of Project Management, Michal, is a project manager with over twenty years of experience in the field of construction and project management. He has been with Mint for more than 15 years and during that time has overseen the development of over 120,000 square meters and total CAPEX investments exceeding EUR 250 million
Daniel Plachý
Head of Finance
He completed the Faculty of Finance and Accounting at the University of Economics in Prague, majoring in Accounting and Financial Management of a Business. After completing his studies in 2015, he joined KPMG as an audit assistant in the audit department. In 2020, he moved from the position of audit supervisor to the position of Financial Director at Mint Investments.

Portfolio Overview

Currently, Mint Investments manages a portfolio valued at over 1 billion EUR.

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Experienced Manager

We provide a complete range of services from advisory in acquisitions, property management, to the exit management. All our activities are internally managed, and teamwork is the key to our success and your satisfaction.

Mint applies a detail-oriented approach to every managed project, treating it as if it were our own. Our results prove it: a long-term 95% occupancy rate of our portfolio and double-digit returns for our investors.

We are always one step ahead. We prevent issues and potential costs that could arise. Tenants are our customers, and establishing long-term relationships with them is crucial for us.

We are constantly thinking about ways to elevate our projects. All of this allows us to maximize the profits from our investments.

45 people, 5 teams, 1 Mint

Asset Management

The team is composed of managers who understand the entire process. They delve into each project in detail, meticulously plan future steps, and possess a perfect grasp of the current market. It's their long-standing relationships with tenants and agents that enable us to maintain a consistent long-term occupancy rate of 95%.

property management

Active and efficient property management with a focus on income growth and reducing operational costs. This department works closely with asset managers and monitors the execution of strategic and long-term tasks. Among other things, it consistently lowers operating costs and negative environmental impacts while maintaining high service quality.

project management

We are also a project manager and developer of both commercial and residential properties. The entire team has extensive experience, and its goal is always to deliver the highest standards of quality and sustainability. We perceive the opportunities that investment in buildings and their continuous improvement offers.


Our financial team consists of experts with experience from some of the largest companies across the EU, USA, and Asia. They are an essential part of transaction planning.


We employ investment professionals who have been involved in real estate transactions worth billion of EUR. They are negotiation experts, understanding every aspect of the real estate business, and their goal is to deliver the best results to our investors.