Mint for a Better Future

At Mint, we recognize the importance of sustainable investments, and that's why we are implementing ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles across all areas of our real estate business.

Our goal is not only to significantly contribute to environmental improvement through reducing overall media consumption of properties in our portfolio, but also to create the best working conditions for our employees, motivate them for development, and support local communities through collaboration with charitable organizations and universities.

We aim to be a responsible company in all aspects.

Man looking out of a window, Metropolis Bratislava
Dráty vysokého napětí

We are the first Czech company that participated in the GRESB assessment.

GRESB placed us in a group together with global ESG players such as Tristan Capital Partners, BlackRock, Patrizia and AXA Investment Managers.GRESB assesses the Asset Manager's level of ESG engagement and identifies areas for improvement.


Main targets

Mrak, snižování CO2
Carbon neutrality by 2050
Application of the CRREM curve to reduce energy consumption and decarbonization
Vodovodní kohoutek
Reduction of water consumption by 10% over 10 years
All buildings in the BREEAM portfolio min. rating Very Good
Biodiversity and Photovoltaics
Parkování pro kola
Parking for bikes
Interní trénink
Internal training
Domy s lístky
Green leases


We are continuously improving the quality of our portfolio. To maintain objectivity, we first need to track the progress of each individual asset year after year, so that we have data for evaluation.

The next step is transparency. Therefore, we will be publishing annual consolidated data about our portfolio on our website.