Company culture

Equal opportunities

We believe that the only evaluating factor should be the quality of work performed, and everyone should be given the same opportunity. We do not disadvantage anyone based on their gender, race, age, or religious beliefs. All age groups, from twenties to sixties, work with us, and we maintain a balanced gender ratio (55% - 45%).

Usměvavý dělník s helmou


Our company's principle is to offer employees attractive financial conditions and benefits. Benefits include the Multisport card, a phone, laptop, or meal vouchers. The success in this regard is evidenced by the long-term tenure of employees within the company.

The company owners advocate for low disparities between employee and owner salaries. Mint maintains a great ratio of 2.9 between owner and employee salaries.


We provide safe working conditions for employees as it's very important for them to feel well in the workplace.

Simultaneously, we ensure that employees are educated in workplace safety principles. Hence, everyone must regularly undergo workplace safety training.

For the year 2022, the accident rate was 0%, and the absence rate was only 0.46%.


Employee and tenant satisfaction is pivotal in business. They are the driving force behind the success of both properties and the company as a whole.

We greatly value their opinions on our functioning and utilize their feedback to enhance corporate culture and work habits. Therefore, we have implemented surveys for employees and tenants to share their views with us.


We aim to improve the knowledge of both the owners and the employees. We believe this aligns them more with our ESG mission.


Social Policy

The directive outlines Mint Investments' stance on social issues. Its objective is to establish the framework and general vision of the organization, along with the scope of principles and individual assigned roles and responsibilities. Additionally, the following policy aims to clarify the path that Mint Investments is committed to following, as well as its position in relation to social issues concerning its business.

Code of Ethics

Mint Investments aims to uphold and develop the highest standards of business ethics, integrity, its good reputation, and fair relationships with its contractual partners. The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to establish desirable ethical standards applying to both employees and third parties.

Whistle blowing policy

Mint Investments has implemented an internal reporting system for the purpose of reporting possible unlawful actions that violate European Union regulations in defined areas according to point II ("Reporting") by individuals specified in point III.

Full Whistle blowing policy in pdf

Cybersecurity and Data Protection

Mint Investments recognizes the importance of cybersecurity and data protection. Therefore, we have established a set of rules and procedures to ensure the protection and security of data within the company from possible breaches. Additionally, we regularly analyze the current state of our information system, during which risks are analyzed and solutions for improving security are proposed.

Full Cybersecurity policy in pdf