We are reducing our carbon footprint, lowering electricity and water consumption, and implementing further eco-friendly measures. Nature is important to us, just like social responsibility and community projects.

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Capital expenditures are a vital part of implementing ESG standards. Thanks to better and more modern technologies, less energy is consumed.

That's why we plan to prepare a detailed budget for capital expenditures for each property over a 10-year period. We focus on HVAC systems, cooling, heating, facade, roof, green spaces, and more.


To determine the energy performance and create a plan for achieving higher ESG standards for each of our properties, an ESG audit is essential. Monitoring and analyzing CO2 emissions and capital expenditures required to elevate a building's ESG level are crucial.

We aim to gradually conduct audits for all properties in our portfolio.


Solar panels enhance the overall energy profile of a property. They're especially relevant now as energy costs rise. We endorse this technology and analyze the feasibility of installing solar panels on the roofs of our properties.


Cycling is one of the most eco-friendly forms of transportation. To promote a healthy lifestyle and ecology, we're creating designated bike parking spaces at our properties.


We see it as our mission to share ESG knowledge with our tenants. That's why we've prepared a set of legal clauses focused on ESG aspects, which are incorporated into all new lease agreements across all our properties.

They should motivate tenants to consider their energy consumption and minimize negative impacts. Additionally, we've included anti-money laundering clauses in the new agreements to ensure tenants understand our strong stance on this issue.


Green zones around buildings are a current trend. That's why we've been renovating and improving the surroundings of our buildings for a long time.

Examples include Avenir Business Park, where we've revitalized the building's surroundings, IBC with its internal atrium, or Main Point Pankrác, where we maintain a large green wall and terrace.


We are introducing cost-saving measures in our buildings, such as turning off lights during the night, installing LED lighting in common areas, reducing operational temperatures, or optimizing heating operating times.

All these measures lead to reduced energy consumption and CO2 emissions. As a result, projects become more attractive to tenants, investors, and banks.

Environmental Policy

The goal is to establish a framework and a general vision for the organization, as well as the scope of the directive and various assigned roles and responsibilities. In addition, the following statements are meant to clarify the path that Mint company has committed to follow and the stance it takes in relation to environmental issues concerning its business.